What if you did something you love for 30 consecutive days?

Would you agree that there’s a lot going on in the world right now?
As a society, we are more focused on external forces and factors than we are about controlling the only thing we truly have power over: ourselves.
But why is that?
Because we’ve forgotten how to ask ourselves the right questions.
When’s the last time you were asked about your dreams?
When was the last time you asked yourself:
1 What do I enjoy doing?
2 What makes me happy?
3 How can I do more of it?"
Chances are that for a lot of us, it’s been a while.
And chances are for some, this will be the first time…
It’s a brand new year, so why not start it off by moving forward to a brand new tune?
How Do I Get Started?

It’s simple! Post a picture of something you love doing to instagram, facebook and/or twitter and hashtag #dreamsmatter for 30 consecutive days with the current day of the challenge (ie. Day 14/30) and nominate 3 of your friends to join you for the project.

It can be of you taking a walk along the beach with your friends, playing the guitar in front of a small crowd, relaxing and reading your favorite book or enjoying your favorite food.

Feel free to come up with your favorite hashtags to describe what’s going on in your photo and that’s it!

The most important thing is to get you into the habit of asking yourself better questions in order for you to start getting better answers about what you love.

Simple as that – you are ready to begin!

Why Should I Do This?
It is said that it takes 30 days to create a new habit.
And 30 extra days to affirm it.
For 30 days, live on purpose by taking a photo
of something you love each day.
And don’t worry – there is no need to overthink it.

Completing this Challenge allows you to:
1 Create a positive habit
2 Take time everyday to focus on what matters the most to you
3 Set a standard for an extraordinary day, month, year & life
4 Inspire others to become their best selves
5 Focus on the present instead of the past & future
6 Add more happiness and joy into your life
7 Find appreciation for the things we often take for granted
Live Life on Purpose & Become Part of the Movement Today
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